Who is and what an Outdoor Guide does

Andrea on the Pratomagno ridge, Tuscany
The Environmental Hiking Guide, also known as Outdoor Guide, is a profession that involves the safely leading (on foot or by other non-motorized means) single persons or groups in all natural environments, even snow-covered, ensuring the necessary technical assistance, while carrying out educational activities and environmental disclosure and sustainability education.
The Guide can lead in all kind of environment (mountains, hills, plains, water, and anthopized areas), including natural parks and protected areas, with the aim of illustrating their peculiarities and ecological relationships, linking them with history, cultural traditions, food and wine customs, and landscape attractions.
The professional activity of the Environmental Hiking Guide provides also the planning and execution of laboratories and workshops for teaching, educating, and interpreting the local environment.
All activities and routes that require the use of mountaineering equipment and techniques, (ie rope, ice ax and crampons) are excluded from the professional field of the Environmental Hiking Guide.

Briefly, the best way for discovering and knowing the region is hiring an Outdoor Guide. You will discover unique places and charming stories!!