Calstate Outdoor trips

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Saturday, March 4th
From Florence to Fiesole
Highlights The little Maiano village
Monte Ceceri
and Leonardo’s flying man experiments
The Pietra Serena (sandstone) quarries
Visiting Fiesole: Etruscan, Roman and Medieval traces
Incredible views of Florence and its hills
Meeting Place 9:30am in front of CSU building main entrance
Distance 9 miles (Loop)
Difficulty Moderate
Elevation gain 1,000 feet
Hiking time  5 hours
Fee 25€ (full-day activity)
Transportation/Meals We will walk there from Florence and back
Lunch in Fiesole (pocket or bought there)
Saturday, April 1st
Hiking though vineyards and olive groves
Highlights Lappeggi and Mondeggi Renaissance villas
The Cerreto woods
Learning about olive oil and wine production in the fields!
Beautiful views of the countryside
The little towns of Grassina and Balatro
Amazing panoramas over Florence and its surroundings
Experiencing classic Tuscan countryside
Meeting Place 9am in front of Calstate building
Distance 11.5 miles (Loop)
Difficulty moderate
Elevation gain 1,700 feet
Hiking time 6 hours
Fee 25€ (half-day activity)
Transportation/meals City bus: 25 min’ ride, one way – 2 bus tickets needed (€1.50 each)
Pocket lunch required
Saturday, April 29th
Exploring Cinque Terre
Highlights Visit three (out of the five)Terre (Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia)
The stunning views from Volastra
Hiking on the old stone dry walls (UNESCO Heritage)
Time for a (cool) swim in the Mediterranean
Meeting Place 8am at the Pharmacy inside Santa Maria Novella train Station in Florence (with train tickets ready). We will be back in Florence at 8pm.
Distance 7 miles (from Riomaggiore to Corniglia, then train back)
Difficulty moderate to strenuous
Elevation gain 2,800 feet
Hiking time 5 hours
Fee 25€ (half-day activity)
Transportation/meals By train (you need to buy your own ticket, price around 50€ round trip)
Lunch in Manarola (pocket or bought there)