About us

I was born and grew up in Florence. My love affair with the hills and mountains of Tuscany and the Dolomite’s in the Alps began decades ago.

I became a licensed outdoor guide in 2009. The decision to start this adventure came to me after living two years in the United States.  I had the opportunity to work at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. During those two years I visited and hiked many National Parks.

Photo: Andrea in National Park of Foreste Casentinesi

Beside leading groups of Italians and foreigners around the beautiful Tuscany, I run environmental projects for local schools. Kids are our future and have special relationship with nature, we can learn a lot from them. I also teach Environmental Education for APAB School, training the new Outdoor Guides.

I am an amateur photographer, I love to take pictures of the places I see and share them. I was a location-scout for the “Cento Itinerari più 1” project. My pictures are in the guide books of this project.

My favorite subjects are toponymy, geology, botany, zoology, astronomy and photography.

In addition, I have been a Yoga instructor since 2006.

My activities include hiking in the Tuscan countryside, stargazing, 4WD off-the-beaten track tours, yoga and much more!

Irene Rosso

I was born in Piedmont, close to the Alps.

After moving to Tuscany in 2012, I graduated in Forestry Science.

Following my strong passion for horses and riding, I discovered the outdoor world.

I worked as an Equestrian Guide and later I became a Hiking Guide.

I like exploring our country and share this knowledge, considering all factors that created the landscape, connecting science, history and folklore.

Ketty Mannini